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At Hope's Sober Living , our mission is to provide a safe and structured sober living environment that promotes accountability, self-discipline, healthy life style choices, and prosperity in recovery.

Our primary purpose is to provide a safe, supportive, and home-like environment to make the recovery process easy for you.  The first year of recovery is the most difficult.  We believe that residence in a supportive and structured sober living home during the early stages in recovery greatly increases the likelihood of success in sobriety.

When you join the family at Hope's Sober Living, you join a support network that lasts a lifetime.  If you are ready to go the length to achieve sobriety, we are here to help.


What is a sober living environment?

A sober living environment is the transitional stage between rehabilitation facilities and a home-based, outpatient care system.  It's less intensive than a rehab experience, but still provides a structured environment entirely free of drugs and alcohol.

The importance of a sober living environment

Sobriety is hard, and sober living environments exist for all addicts and alcoholics who want to make sure they get the best start into a sober life.  Treatment offers an important start to recovery, but changing old behavior often takes time.  Many people require an SLE after treatment to sort out priorities, change attitudes, and prepare for a new and productive life.   

How does Hope's Sober Living work?

Hope's Sober Living operates as a close-knit family.  Our residents live with other recovering addicts who share a number of responsibilities, and provide emotional support and encouragement to each other. 

What is the difference between sober living and halfway houses?

Halfway houses require that residents are actively enrolled in a rehabilitation program, whereas sober living environments do not. 

What is included?

We provide our residents semi-private bedrooms, all utilities, and all essential amenities for comfortable living, including cable, Wi-Fi, and on-site washer and dryer.  In addition, we provide fruit and host fun physical activities to help our residents achieve a healthy lifestyle.

What are the expectations?

We expect residents to be clean and sober, have a serious commitment to recovery, submit to random drug testing, work with a sponsor, have a sincere desire to become an active & supportive member of the family,  ability to pay monthly fees on time, and willing to honor Hope’s Sober Living’s standards and house rules.

What do I bring?

You are responsible for meals, bedding, and towels.  Minimal personal belongings should be brought to the home;  necessities only. 

Who manages the home?

The home is managed by a House Manager and an Assistant House Manager who have demonstrated at least 6 months of sobriety.  Both live in the house, have managerial capabilities, and are actively working a 12-step program.

What if I relapse?

In the event a resident relapses, they will be discharged from the house immediately.  Reinstatement is only possible after they have demonstrated proof of sobriety for at least 24 hours and have paid the $250 re-admission fee.

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